HD Tracks Look Great

But that's not why we do it... We are looking for the best way to make riders faster, and knowing the difference between an inside line with a rut and one without makes a big difference!

HD Track Map Availability

We've covered about 20% of the tracks our users ride at so far, which includes select tracks in California, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Tennessee, and even a few in Australia and Brazil. The process is pretty simple, and we'd like to add tracks where you ride. If you want to recommend we add a track, drop us a line with some info here. We can't add a track until someone's ridden it with LITPro, so go ride and then let us know about it.

Create your own HD Track Map

Interested in creating an HD Track Map for your private track? Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it... Creating an HD Track Map at a typical MX style track can take around 20 minutes total (not counting upload and server processing time).

Create HD Track Map Instructions
Create Your Own HD Track Map

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