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Get your lap time and comprehensive performance insights on track days!

The XGPS160 is our most popular precision GPS receiver. With it's 10Hz GPS accuracy, it's perfect for hardcore MX training or some friendly competition on the weekend. This bundle is ideal for logging lap times and reviewing comprehensive riding analysis. A whole year of LITPro Premium is included so you can explore LITPro's best app features.

Product Details


  • Size: 2.7" wide x 2.2" tall x 0.8" thick
  • Weight: 71 grams, half the weight of a GoPro
  • Full battery charge lasts 10 hours of continuous use, 3 hour charge time
  • Memory & Syncing - Stores up to 2.6 hours of data, syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.1
  • Simultanious signal reception from GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russia) satellite systems
  • Operating temperature: 14°F – 140°F (-10°C – 60°C)
  • Device is not waterproof

Device & App Compatibility

  • LITPro Apps - free download in the iTunes App Store (iOS only)
    • MX App: Ideal for offroad and mountain bike sessions
    • VIDEO App: Overlay your session data on footage from any camera
  • Apple iPhone: 5s or higher (running iOS 10 or later
  • Apple iPad: 4th gen/iPad Air 2 or higher (running iOS 10 or later)




ManzatoH. Verified
Your shop FR
I use litpro for all my training and race , is very important for me now . I can see where I loose many time . If I go alone to ride in one track I can see all my lap , that really important for progress. The staff lit pro was really cool.
MikeR. Verified
Coeymans hollow US
LITPro is awesome
I just got my LITPro and took it out this past weekend. What a blast! I synced it up after each Moro and could see where I was faster and what lines I was riding better and ended up shaving 4 seconds off from the start of the I'm hooked and now I just want to put more and more laps on to race myself.
MattD. Verified
Valley View US
Awesome product and support
Jacob and his team exchanged numerous emails with me to iron out any issues I had at first. The software worked great once I fully understood how to use it. The stats are consistent and the data is solid. Even had a buddy link up and we can now compete for bragging rights. This tool is long overdue in the moto world and Litpro pretty much nailed it!
JoshM. Verified
Honesdale US
My buddy and I both had LitPro’s and were comparing our lap times from practice against eachother, when I discovered the corner feature in the litpro app. Basically what I found out was that by my line selection alone, not changing my riding style or pace, I could literally save 4 seconds a lap just from choosing the fastest line through each corner. My buddy and I sat in his rv memorizing what lines to take on the track, and when I went out for my next practice I had dropped my lap time by 4 seconds. 4 SECONDS!!! With just line choice!
SamG. Verified
Auckland NZ
Awesome product with great support
I have used Litpro since 2016 and have always had a great experience. It is the ideal tool for improving lap times on the moto track, but I have also had success using it for downhill mountain biking as well.
DavidA. Verified
I really love
In the past I tried differents app but this is the best one, this app is not only to know your lap times it helps you to improve your riding, terrific!!
AaronT. Verified
Yulee US
LitPro Review
We have used the Litpro for about 2 years now. The data it provides is invaluable especially when we return to a track we raced 3, 6, 12 months and average speed is a great tool....consistency score is a tool we will use more often now that I am familiar with it..corners and segments are very helpful..reviewing lap 99 for tips gives us a lot to think about...the negative...the double click to start the ‘log’ is clunky at first. It is also very difficult to see if the amber light is blinking (recording) especially when it is sunny...When my son comes off the track double clicking to ‘stop log’ is very difficult for a rider especially when you just raced a 20 minute National Moto... The previous version was easy with just one click and the green ‘record’ light was easy to see.

Most of the tracks have very poor internet and data coverage...when we race a track with poor coverage the download of the information to my iPhone is very very slow....this past weekend the cell coverage was good and it took 30 seconds to download....

Overall it is a very important tool to become a faster more efficient rider....we never race without it even when we go to a race that uses mylaps for timing and scoring.
Paul C. Verified
Paulie 537
Excellent product and service helped me tremendously on my riding skill in my personal opinion it’s way better than a GoPro for the investment
MattK. Verified
Jupiter US
Makes life easier!
Prior to using the LITPro I was handwriting out lap times and analyzing segments in notebooks in between motos. Now, all the tracking is done for me and it takes minutes to identify areas of improvement before getting back out on the track! More time on the track and less time crunching numbers equates to more efficient seat time! The Lap 99 overlay is fantastic to see where my fastest lap time can be improved. This helps on solo track days not having anyone to compare times with. Well worth the investment!
RometJ. Verified
Viimsi EE
Litpro HDGPS+ and XGPS160
There are several equipment to measure lap times but there is non to measure accelaration, deceleration, riding trajectory, jumping hight and so. You think You open throttle enough quick and hold it open enough long but You are suprised what You actually do on the track. We use it on 8 yo racer and this device has helpped us a lot. Device arrived so quick even to Europe and technical support helping with every question. Thanks Guys!
VaughanM. Verified
Blenheim NZ
What's not to like!
Are you putting in the hard work to get faster? If so how do you know.....
That's the thing I like most about the Lit Pro I can actually see where I'm going better or areas I can work on a corner I'm slower than my buddy which gives me something to work on and trying to push harder for longer to beat your PB.
I have Xgps and it's simple to use I have a polar watch I wear all the time and I love that if I forget to charge the Xgps or leave it at home (accidentally) te polar watch still will log my laps.
I am still learning to use it and I enjoy watching the training videos to try get the best out of it.
Also the guys at lit pro are awesome at answering questions via email.
Thanks Litpro Awesome Team an Great product that keeps on improving.
BlakeE. Verified
Farmingville US
Already improving
Bought my LITPro end of Last year, and within a week of using it I dropped a whole second on my local track. Can’t wait to really put it to work this season. Best moto purchase I’ve made so far!!
NickT. Verified
Goshen US
If you’re serious about becoming a better rider this is the best way to do it. Extremely easy to use.
BillF. Verified
Clermont US
Better than expected
I've used the Litpro for about a week now. I've already shaved 4 solid seconds off my lap times. In the next few weeks this thing will help me to gain a huge advantage when racing starts back up. Litpro is 110% legit and an absolute MUST HAVE if you're serious about racing.

Being able to compare one laps corners against another is huge. The "Lap 99" feature basically tells me which lines I need to run. Unbelievable technology. Being able to export the data to .csv file is another amazing option. Digging into the data and seeing where I can improve will change things dramatically. When the difference between 1st and 4th is 5 seconds, it will literally take a constant 4th place rider to the podium. Not even kidding. Not to mention every pro rider I know uses a Litpro. It's a no-brainer.
CoreyH. Verified
Southport AU
Corey hall
Can not recomend enough my son's lap times are dropping average speed is up and braking later to corners being able to see quicker lines and the lap 99 gives him something to chase as he has already done it great product
LuckyC. Verified
Yogyakarta ID
time laps
JasonS. Verified
Murrieta US
The difference maker.
Since using our XGPS with LitPro my sons lap times have improved every time we go to the track. Highly recommend this product!
MattM. Verified
Tempe US
Will make you better
If you are trying to improve your riding this is the best thing you can purchase. From breaking down your slowest turns on the track to your fastest lap it’s amazing what you can see and improve on. We race with it every where from AX to SX all over you can create your own tracks and it takes 30 seconds to log. Would highly recommend if you want to push your self and improve as a rider there is not another tool or gadget on the market that will do it. Also fun to compare lap times with your friends and link accounts!

Won’t ride with out it!
HancoJ. Verified
Cape Town ZA
Litpro with XGPS160
Litpro team,

Some feedback on my experience so far: I ended up buying the gps from Amazon. An advantage of the xgps is that it can be used with different Apps, so I tested it with the 3 best known Mx Apps. I found Litpro to be the best. The Litpro App and service is in my view absolutely excellent. I was initially concerned about the Litpro App combined with the XGPS, but I'm very happy that I went this route (i.e. went with the XGPS over the Litpro, just because it's so much less expensive). The requirement to have an internet connection hasn't bothered me... yet.

There are a couple of things I suggest you look into changing with the App:
When I sync with the xgps, I don't necessarily always want to also delete the tracking data from the xgps device. I can see how you'd probably want to do that with the Litpro device, but since the xgps is compatible with other software as well and can be put to use in other applications than MX... I might sometimes want to sync but NOT delete the data from the device. So I suggest you add an option for 'Sync but keep data on device'.

I also suggest that you have a capability that allows me to configure tracks without sharing them publicly. There are two reasons: One, I like to have different track configurations for the same track, like for example train specific sections of the track over and over and then also the full track. I'll create configurations for these with different sections, etc. So I want to mess around with this without worrying that I'm spamming everyone else that trains at the track with all these configurations. Second, I would like to Edit a track config sometimes, without having to create a new one. It seems I can't Edit my track configs, I'm guessing because all track configs are public and if I change my own then it'll possibly affect everyone else. I believe the experience will be better if I can create private tracks, with the option to share publicly.

Well done with the great software, it's VERY useful and works perfectly. I look forward to the Live timing capability on the XGPS. I'm not sure if it's technically possible with the XGPS, but the ability to pair a HR monitor would be very nice as well.

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30 Day Return Policy

To return your XGPS160 within 30 days of purchase, please contact customer service by e-mail or by phone at 951-760-0917 and reference "XGPS160 Return".

The XGPS160 you are returning should be in its original condition and functioning. Please return it to our office (shipping address below). If you are returning your XGPS160 because it is damaged or defective, please see the Warranty tab.

Return Instructions:
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    All returns should be sent to the following address:
    NZN Labs, Inc. - Attn: XGPS Return
    43200 Business Park Dr.
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    Temecula, CA, 92590

Damage or Loss

If you damage or lose your XGPS160, please contact customer service by e-mail or by phone at 951-760-0917 for additional information on a replacement.


For more information regarding warranty claims refer to the manufacturers website.