"I've used the Litpro for about a week now. I've already shaved 4 solid seconds off my lap times. In the next few weeks this thing will help me to gain a huge advantage when racing starts back up. Litpro is 110% legit and an absolute MUST HAVE if you're serious about racing."

Bill F.
Clermont, Florida

"I’m simply blown away by the amount of data given and how it makes me push harder. This is an awesome mix of being a fun tool and a great training tool."

Troy F.
Sparta, Michagan

"This tech has so many features to help your riding. We love using it! From a weekend warrior to elite rider this is incredible stuff to make you faster by being smarter."

Dean P.
Gold Coast, Australia

"I couldnt be happier with my Litpro! No more guessing if you are improving or where you have the most opportunity."

Paul H.
British Columbia, Canada